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Hi, I'm Angela Rubien


I'm a graphic designer and illustrator and I've been doing this for over 30 years. I still love it and I wouldn't want to change it for any other profession out there. Illustrating has always been my hobby and creative outlet. Different media, from watercolor, color pencil, gouache, digital art, or using old vintage illustrations - I love it all, and I'm always exploring new styles.

This venture into the licensing world is new to me, so please bear with me while I'm still learning. 

A few more things about me:

Having my own graphic design business means I also have to do all of the print production. I understand what makes a good printable file and I deliver print ready art work. I'll be happy to make any necessary format changes to my artwork.


I teach Branding & Marketing Concept, Advertising Design, Logo Design and Art Direction at Otis, College of Art and Design, Extension. 

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